• Explore the theory, practices and fundamentals of producing 3D animation. Following a lecture/lab format, students in this course will explore the foundations of the animation process including the production pipeline, studio organizations, traditional animation techniques, foundational cinematography, storyboarding and character development.


  • Create content for use in a high-production value animated film
  • Understand the roles of the animation preproduction process and identify key filmmakers, animators, production styles, and film genres
  • Recognize cinematographic and lighting techniques used by diverse filmmakers and animators, as well as traditional artists and apply these techniques to your work.
  • Master production terms and relate them to principles of production animation
  • Utilize terms and structures developed by art theorists, critics and filmmakers to interpret and evaluate works of art


  • Articulate ideas and translate them into digital animation form
  • Develop a clear and concise production plan for a project and a feasible management plan, including staff selection
  • Create a comprehensive production requirements list and assemble and present quality preproduction packages
  • Apply design principles and elements into the creation of 3D images in a narrative form
  • Complete character development, environments, and sets development for a story
  • Complete the storyboard and animatic for the production


  • With rigorous, hand-on experience, students in this course will gain a deeper, real-world understanding of the animation preproduction process. Students will develop a story and complete preproduction assets, including 2D storyboard animatic for a 4-7 min animated short.

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