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environment concept treygregzach.jpgenvironment conceptfront treygregzach.jpgexample - environment seangannon.jpgexample - environment study albery.jpgexample - environment study alhambra.jpgexample - environment study keith.jpgexample 01 environments project jaylene carrillo.jpgexample 01 environments project kieth axon.jpgexample 01 environments project tim carrillo.jpgexample 02 environments project jaylene carrillo.jpgexample 02 environments project kieth axon.jpgexample 02 environments project sam caudill.jpgexample 03 environments project kieth axon.jpgexample 03 environments project sam caudill.jpgexample 03 environments project tim carrillo.jpgexample 04 environments project kieth axon.jpgexample environments project 01 julie duffins.jpgexample environments project gerald clas.jpgexample environments project phobe coleman.jpgexample environments project richard toland.jpgexample environments project sam caudill.jpgexample environments project tim carrillo.jpgexterior chris matt eric peter.jpgpub kelsey brown.jpgtemple miguel tanos.jpg


  • In this mid-program, capstone studio course, students collaborate to take a project from pre-production to final product using a standard production pipeline model. We’ll apply current 3D technologies to design and create a high-production value CG set/environment.


  • Understand Workflow and the Maya interface
  • Examine methods of modeling and texturing surfaces (NURBS, polygons and subD surfaces)
  • Investigate modeling, texturing and lighting for the production pipeline
  • Explore optimizing models and textures for rendering


  • Design and create high-production value CG set/environments utilizing current 3D technologies
  • Manage a team project from concept to completion
  • Integrate appropriate time management skills required for a production
  • Expand upon your personal interests by encouraging self-exploration into new methods and technologies


  • From this course, students will gain confidence working in a team environment and understand the requirements and demands of taking a project through to completion.

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