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  • Master the skills required for rigging and animating digital 3D objects and characters. Explore the processes and techniques of animation rigging including the skeletal/muscular system, the use of articulated joints for manipulating character bones, muscle deformations, clothes, and facial features.


  • Acquire a basic understanding of rigging principles
  • Develop expressive facial animation rigging techniques
  • Set up rigs for motion capture and key frame methods of animation
  • Troubleshoot technical difficulties and assist animators in developing animator-friendly rigs
  • Explore weight in using key frame animation techniques


  • Create realistic motion and animation
  • Construct workable rigs and user interfaces
  • Work with constraints and hierarchies
  • Work with deformers
  • Develop processes of skinning and painting weights


  • This course will help students develop an understanding of the principles required to take a character from concept to fully-rigged within a motion capture pipeline.
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