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  • Master the skills required to animate digital 3D objects and characters. Students will apply current 3D technologies to refine the techniques of key frame and pose-to- pose animation.


  • Identify the 12 animation principles, defined by the nine original Disney animators
  • Strengthen the approach to a story line through character poses, responses and emotion
  • Improve acting approaches to get the best performance out of characters
  • Explore driving emotions and thought processes
  • Examine how “old school” 2D cell animation principles inform computer animation techniques


  • Employ straight-ahead animation methods vs. pose-to-pose animation methods
  • Capture and edit motion capture data and effectively apply it to characters
  • Apply issues of timing, velocity, weight and mass
  • Create compelling acting of digital characters


  • This course will teach students to apply motion capture to characters with a high level of confidence and competency.
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