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  • Explore how to develop effects (smoke, fire, steam, explosions) and dynamic materials (cloth), using current 3D technologies. In this lecture and lab format, we will explore the theory and techniques of dynamic and particle simulations for 3D content.


  • Recognize the visual descriptions of naturally occurring elements (smoke, fire, steam, and explosions)
  • Understand the basic principles of Newtonian physics and dynamic movement
  • Develop foresight and pipeline for cinema-graphic style visual effects
  • Recognize the visual descriptions of naturally occurring motion (hair, cloth, fluid)
  • Visualize, anticipate and recreate complex movement


  • Create dynamic animation through simulation and key framing
  • Develop methods of layering, texturing, lighting and rendering dynamic objects and particles
  • Work with the Maya interface (particle shape node, particle emission, rigid bodies, cloth engines, fluid engines, hair system, fields, Mel scripting)
  • Create, solve, and cache dynamic events
  • Work with 3rd party and custom software within the Maya UI


  • This course will help you learn to identify the components needed for proper, high-quality dynamic simulation while providing insight into the simulation and effects production pipeline.
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