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Year Four student work. Be sure to look at the Senior shorts under Our Short Films.


bamboo 3.jpgbamboo 4.jpgbamboo10.jpgbart_cp.jpghouse_layout_01.jpgindex_screen01.jpgindex_screen02.jpgindex_screen06.jpginterior_comp.jpgrusty_cp.jpgsc01_sh01_00000.pngsc03_sh01_00806.pngsc05_sh01_00353.pngsc06_sh54_00057.pngscene 07.1.jpgscene 07.2.jpg

DAC Senior Reels


Some videos of student work and comments from students

On Preproduction

On Storyboarding

On Production

Working on the Senior Production

On Working together

Ladybug sequence

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