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  • In preparation for completing the thesis short required to graduate with a BFA, students will work in a simulated peer-to-peer collaborative production studio and in a one-on-one mentorship environment to complete their demo reel.


  • Master production terms and relate them to the principles of production animation.
  • Identify key filmmakers and animators, production styles, and film genres.
  • Identify the importance character and conflict to develop compelling charters and gripping conflict.
  • Posses a deep knowledge and clear, comprehensive overview of the workings of the 3D animation industry.
  • Demonstrate a high level of competency in at least three skill sets of the animation production process.


  • Apply the design principles and elements of film to the creation of 3D images in a narrative form.
  • Solve practical production problems typical of animation work.
  • Identify and apply the components and processes needed for proper, high-quality CG/animation production.
  • Assemble and present quality CG/animated content.


  • This course is the first in three-course, capstone production experience preparing DAC students for their animation career. We’ll focus on the animation production pipeline and collaborate to complete a high quality, short animated film.
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