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pconner_headshotPaul Conner

Instructor / Industry Relations

Courses: Introduction to 3D/Maya, Surface Modeling, Organic Modeling, Texture/Surfacing, Digital Animation, Rigging, Senior Studio Production

Paul Conner has been creating content in graphics and computer animation for over fourteen years. He is among a very small handful of individuals to be certified by Alias/Wavefront to teach classes in Maya and Character Rigging/Animation. Originally from a broadcast design environment, Paul brings this knowledge of fast-paced projects and strick deadlines to the classroom. Some of Paul's clients include: The Museum of Nature and Science, Warner Bros, The WB Network, The Discovery Channel, PAX-TV, Starz/Encore, 3D Magazine, Anheiser Busch, NBC, IMAX, Sire Records and Reader's Digest.

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