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innWIPFurther progress on the Inn.  It's looking a bit western right now and I need to fix that to be more ancient Israel.

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adobeWIP_02Now it should stand up on its own.  I added some structural elemtents for details.  All of these are parts that are being developed for a library of parts that will be later assembled into a little town.

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stableWIP_01The barn.  It's a start.

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adobeWIP_014roomI realize it is not much now but it is the start of ancient Israel.  Stay tuned for daily updats on the progress of my short film for my Master's thesis.
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benjamin_v3benjamin_rig_01Here is the progress CAT rig for Benjamin.  I really like the proportions of this rig.  Judging from the looks of the CAT rig, this will be a really fun character to animate.


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camelRig02This is the progress rig for the camel in my short film.

It is a CAT with without any additional features.  I plan to add a spring controller to the hump and perhaps some to the ribcage.







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This looks like a very interesting auto-rigging tool. It's open source (free) and very customizable. I plan to see if I can use MOTOR to transfer some motion capture data to the rig. I'll post a video once I've tried it out. This could provide the best of both worlds, mocap with key-framable rig on top. YIPPEE!!! Laughing Read more to see the video.

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