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The work of year one students at the DAC.
The work in year one is used for the first year students' Freshman portfolio review for entrance into the DAC Core Cadre. The review happens at the end of year one.

alley_jerry_lee.jpgcolby_roughs_01.jpgexample_cinimatography project taylor.jpgexample_fire_jeremiahreynolds.jpgexample_modeling project 2 dieterich.pngexample_modeling project anderson.pngexample_modeling project dalton.pngexample_modeling project dieterich.pngexample_modeling project spiegelberg.pngexample_storyboard01 colby.jpgexample_storyboard02 colby.jpgexample_sword_jeremiahreynolds.jpgexample_texturing project 2 gipson.pngexample_texturing project anderson.pngexample_texturing project dalton.pngexample_texturing project gipson.pngexample_texturing project mccaulley.pngexterior_light_kelsey_brown.jpgfield_michael_bidwell.jpgmay_character.jpgwebster_cinematography.jpg


Examples of DAC freshman reels submitted for acceptance into the DAC Core Cadre

Motion based work from first year students of the DAC

Jerry Flores ball bounce with decreasing energy

Nate McKelevey Bal Bounce Final

Remy Renyolds Storyboard project.

Gary Ogden basic walkcycle.

Jon Rold cell animation project.

Year one final group animation projects.

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