A Complex Villianelle

Before he became the overweight obsessive sadsack of his later years, the Penguin was a poet and a dandy, who threw lavish parties and was an expert at umbrella flight. Looking for love, he is introduced to a lovely nanny who also prefers travel by umbrella. The results are not as he had expected, his hopes dashed by a mysterious stranger in a black cape.

Official Selection in over 40 national and international film festivals including WINNER, Best Short Animation in:
Animazing Q3,
New Jersy Film Festival,
Angelus Student Film Festival,
Los Angeles International Film Festival,
Los Angeles Cinema Film Festival,
Tacoma Film Festival,
Action/Cut 2010,
Eugene Film Festival,
Los Angeles Reel Film Festival,
International Film Festival of South Africa,
DigiFest Six Florence Italy,
Victoria International Film Festival