FINE 1820: Intro to Digital 3D



A lecture/lab course that explores the foundations of creating digital 3D content. Primary focus is an introduction to current 3D software. Class lectures, demonstrations and hands-on application will expose the student to the expectations for commercial high-end 3D animation production.


Combining a lecture and lab format, this course helps students build a solid foundation in the art of creating digital 3D content. With a focus on introducing current 3D software, the format of the class will include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on application of commercial high-end 3D animation production.


  • Identify principles of movement and locomotion
  • Recognize physical surface properties of 3D objects (specular, diffuse, reflectivity, translucence, etc.)
  • Understand the entire 3D animation pipeline including the 3D animation interface
  • Develop ideas of form and function through 3D modeling


  • Create mood and atmosphere through lighting
  • Apply color theory to rendered images
  • Integrate concepts of composition and storytelling into a 3D environment
  • Communicate coherent ideas in the 3D environment


Upon completion of this course, you will have gained confidence in the ability to implement basic modeling, texturing, lighting and animation techniques in 3D environment while identifying career goals and areas of focus in the 3D industry.