FINE 2810: Surface Modeling



A lecture/lab course focused on the mastery of creating surface models for digital 3D content. Students will develop skills/knowledge about the processes and techniques for building complex 3D objects with an emphasis on artistic excellence through application of current 3D technologies.

• Develop your skills and hone your knowledge of the processes and techniques for building complex 3D objects. Emphasis is on achieving artistic excellence though the use of current 3D technologies. This lecture/lab format will focus on helping students master the creation of surface models for digital 3D content.

• Recognize structural form derived from primitives, architectural concepts, and industrial design
• Understand LOD (level of detail) and production-ready modeling workflow
• Develop foresight and pipeline for high-quality 3D renderings
• Recognize and breakdown 3D modeling, displacement and shading processes
• Recognize both form and function within a structure
• Successfully work within the Autodesk Maya interface
• Create 3D objects from both spline and sculpt processes
• Pre-visualize, then create complex surfaces
• Troubleshoot 3D scenes and measure system limitations
• Convey a confident and patient problem-solving attitude within a detailed oriented mindset
• Upon completion of this course, students will be able to intelligently discuss the modeling pipeline and accurately consider impactful modeling practices. This course will also help artists identify the surface components necessary for proper, high-quality CG output.