FINE 3810: Environment and Set Production



A mid-program capstone studio course focuses on developing a project from preproduction through final product using a standard production pipeline model within a collaborative work environment. Students will design and create high-production value CG set/environment utilizing current 3D technologies.

In this mid-program, capstone studio course, students collaborate to take a project from pre-production to final product using a standard production pipeline model. We’ll apply current 3D technologies to design and create a high-production value CG set/environment.

• Understand Workflow and the Maya interface
• Examine methods of modeling and texturing surfaces (NURBS, polygons and subD surfaces)
• Investigate modeling, texturing and lighting for the production pipeline
• Explore optimizing models and textures for rendering

• Design and create high-production value CG set/environments utilizing current 3D technologies
• Manage a team project from concept to completion
• Integrate appropriate time management skills required for a production
• Expand upon your personal interests by encouraging self-exploration into new methods and technologies

• From this course, students will gain confidence working in a team environment and understand the requirements and demands of taking a project through to completion.