FINE 3820: Character Rigging & Animation I



A studio course focused on foundational skills for animating digital 3D objects/characters. Students explore the process/techniques of key frame/pose-to-pose animating considering character performance, thought, constraints and velocity with an emphasis on artistic excellence through applications of current 3D technologies.


  • Identify the 12 animation principles, defined by the 9 original Disney animators
  • Strengthen approach to story line through character poses, responses and emotion
  • Improve animation approaches to get the best performance out of characters
  • Explore driving emotions and thought processes
  • Examine how motion capture principles inform character animation techniques


  • Employ motion capture skills with a focus on realism
  • Capture and edit motion capture data and apply it to characters effectively
  • Apply issues of timing, velocity, weight and mass
  • Create compelling animation of digital characters with a focus on realism and VFX
  • Develop expressive facial animation rigging techniques
  • Develop processes of skinning and painting weights


  • Gain confidence in animating characters
  • Appreciate and accept the art of repetition and refinement in honing your craft as an animator
  • Acquire a clear perception of professional interests as a technical director.