FINE 3831: VFX Rigging & Animation II



A studio course focused on mastery of skills for rigging and animating digital 3D characters and objects and advance motion capture techniques. Students explore the processes/techniques of animation rigging and its relationship to realistic simulation of dynamic objects.


  • Construct workable rigs and user interfaces
  • Work with constraints and hierarchies
  • Use simulation methods and networks to simulate object animations


  • Acquire a basic understanding of rigging principles
  • Develop ability to setup rigs for motion capture and key frame methods of animation
  • Troubleshoot technical difficulties and assist animators in developing animator friendly rigs
  • Develop simulation pipelines for animating objects


  • Be confident in understanding of general rigging principles
  • Be confident in being able to take a character from concept to fully rigged within a motion capture pipeline
  • PROBLEM SOLVE and willingly accept downfalls, re-do’s, re-do’s, re-do’s, and malfunctions