FINE 3846: Preproduction, Look Development



A seminar course focused on the development and preproduction phases for the DAC senior thesis short. The principle focus of the course will be look, lighting, effects, and pipeline development and production organization for the DAC thesis short film.


  • To discuss in a thoughtful way the animation discovery and preproduction process as it relates to look development
  • Contribute to that process in a meaningful and artistic way
  • Be able to identify and execute the components needed for proper, high-quality animation preproduction
  • Put together and present quality preproduction packages
  • Work well within the collaborative animation production work environment
  • Identify and understand the various roles and work packages that make up the animation preproduction process.
  • To apply a foundational understanding to the discovery/preproduction workflow.


  • Development of artistic content and the development of the look of a high-production value short animated film
  • Intimate knowledge and experience within the professional animation production pipeline
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply design principles and elements into the creation of 3D images in a narrative form
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of the requisite skills to articulate ideas and translate ideas into digital animation form.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of production terms and be able to relate these terms to principles of production animation.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to use terms and structures developed by art theorists and critics and filmmakers to interpret and evaluate works of art.
  • Students will recognize cinematographic and animation techniques used by diverse filmmaker and animators as well as traditional artist and be able apply to these techniques to their own work as well as works produced by other artists.


  • Work, competently, through the technical discovery, development and preproduction phase of the animation short film pipeline
  • Problem-solve and develop solutions to complex challenges faced in the creation of the look development of an animated short film
  • Work efficiently and cooperatively with a high level of professionalism in the collaborative production environment
  • Contribute to an animation short film production in meaningful and significant ways through technical and artistic skills and craft.