FINE 4810: Production I



First semester of a year-long capstone focuses on production of the BFA thesis short.  As a team, students assume key management/production roles to organize, produce and complete a high-production value animated short and student “demo reel” with real-world production pipeline.


  • Understand the process for developing artistic content for use in a high-production value animated film
  • Deep understanding of how to work in collaborative work space of the professional animation produc­tion pipeline
  • Demonstrate mastery of production terms and relate them to principles of production animation
  • Utilize terms and structures developed by art theorists, critics and filmmakers to interpret and evaluate works of art
  • Identify key filmmakers and animators; production styles; and film genres
  • Recognize cinematographic and lighting techniques used by diverse filmmaker and animators as well as traditional artists and apply these techniques to their own work as well as works produced by other artists
  • Understand the process of creating original narrative, stories, characters and environments.
  • Understand filmic composition, filmic grammar and the tried and true methods of developing cinemat­ic content
  • Identify the importance character and conflict to develop compelling charters and gripping conflict
  • Posses a deep knowledge and clear, comprehensive overview of the workings of the 3D animation industry
  • Identify of the processes and phases of developing a project from conception to final delivery


  • Demonstrate a high level of competency in at least three subdisciplines/skills of the animation pro­duction process
  • Apply filmic design principles and elements into the creation of 3D images in a narrative diurnal form
  • Develop original ideas within the context of animated film usages
  • Participate as an artist-designer, in the development and completion of an animated short film of high production value
  • Develop of the promotional tools to secure a position in the animation field or graduate program
  • Solve practical production problems typical of animation work.
  • Identify and apply the components and processes needed for proper, high-quality CG/animation pro­duction
  • Assemble and present quality CG/animated content
  • Work well within the collaborative animation production work environment


  • Discuss and describe in detail, the animation production pipeline
  • Identify, understand and participate in the various roles and work packages that make up the anima­tion preproduction process
  • Demonstrate by doing, a deep understanding of the discovery/preproduction/production/marketing and exhibition that make up the production pipeline
  • Work successfully as a fully contributing artist-designer to a high-production value animated film created in a collaborative production environment
  • _ Be able to keep on task, on deadline and professional within a collaborative creative production envi­ronment and complete a high quality short animated film
  • Complete the work needed for a successful defense of the students BFA Thesis Review ­