FINE 2822: Dig. Cinematography



An online course which examines such key concepts as CG directing, lighting, and texturing from the three different perspectives of art, film, and technology. Beginning with a solid foundation of art and filmmaking knowledge, this course translates key production techniques- including composition, camera craft, depth of field, camera blocking, and three-point lighting, and more- into the 3D world. This unique approach bridges the gap between traditional live-action cinematography and cutting-edge 3D animation, giving students of 3D CG all the skills they need to realize their full 3D cinematic animation potential. Focused on mastery of digital cinematography and visual storytelling. Students will develop skills/knowledge about cinematic theory, practices and methods and virtual camera best practices as applied to digital 3D content creation.

The course is a hybrid online course and will meet every other Friday afternoon for workshops with the motion tracked camera, digital cameras, and other tool sets.