FINE 3825/5825 Architectural Vizualization


A lecture/lab course covering the 3D visualization of architectural projects. Students will develop skills/ knowledge about the techniques for creating realistic 3D models, texturing, lighting, and presentation. Special emphasis will be placed creating realism in modeling, materials, lighting, and professional renderings.

Prereq:  Students should have intro level experience in basic 3D modeling and/or CAD programs.

This course currently runs as a Maymester only course. FINE 5825 serves as a graduate level version of the course for CAP students.

This course is at the DAC Tier 1 tuition rate.



  • Intermediate knowledge of 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering methods
  • Basic knowledge of data translation from CAD applications to 3D
  • Advanced knowledge of global illumination methods using Vray rendering engine
  • Basic knowledge of reading and translating CAD drawings and models to 3DS Max
  • Ability to effectively communicate in the architecture and engineering industry
  • The student will increase in the awareness, understanding, and problem solving capacity needed to effectively visualize architectural projects


  • Students should gain the skills necessary to criticize the realistic nature of a visualization project
  • Perform advanced photo editing to represent realistic materials
  • Create high resolution still images of architectural projects
  • Create professional level animations of architectural projects
  • Recreate accurate interior lighting scenarios
  • Construct accurate models in 3DS Max


  • Understand and involve a wide variety of resources in the architectural visualization process
  • Develop skills as problem-solvers as they progress toward becoming independent, self-directed learners
  • Effective project planning and organization as tools in maximizing the time for project realization
  • Collaborate with other professionals to improve the overall learning of student
  • Adhere to the requirements of the project’s design


  • Students should be able to take a design concept from either sketch or CAD documents and accurately model that design in 3D on the computer using 3DS Max.
  • Students should be able to accurately represent realistic materials on their 3D models through advance texturing methods.
  • Students should be able to recreate realistic lighting scenarios according to architectural plans and site specific illumination scenarios.
  • Students should be able to use accurate vocabulary and terms while working in an architectural team.
  • Students should be able to determine the optimum Vray rendering settings for efficient rending.