Technology at the DAC

Something about the awesome tech at the DAC.



Students are not required to purchase their own personal computer although it is highly recommended that they do so. This will enable the student to continue to work on projects at home at times when computer labs on campus are not accessible. The purchase of any computer should take into account the speed, memory and storage requirements needed to effectively produce and view computing intensive 3D Graphics and Animation content.

The choice of a specific computer operating platform should be limited to either the Macintosh or Windows operating systems. It is highly recommended that the student speak with the Program Director to obtain advice as to what operating system and hardware will best suit their needs should they anticipate purchasing a new computer.

When purchasing new equipment and personal software, students should pay heed to take advantage of educational pricing offered by computer manufacturers and software suppliers. Buying a computer directly from the manufacturer via a web site is most often the best way in which to obtain educationally discounted purchase prices