The DAC Tuition Structure

About the DAC Tuition
The DAC technology is state-of-the-shelf and our labs are amongst the very best in the nation.  Because of the ever changing technology landscape of the Digital Content Creation (DCC) industry the DAC is committed to having the most current hardware and software as possible. Our commitment to the student is to immerse them in the same technology solutions they will experience in the DCC/animation industries. This level of technology and our commitment to keeping our labs technologically fresh is expensive.

The DAC is a self funded, separate business entity operating within the College of Arts and Media.  The current DAC tuition consist of two tiers: Tier 1, $1167 (equivalent to the Main Campus 3-credit tuition rate and subject to change as the main campus tuition rate changes) and Tier two $3036. DAC courses are currently not eligible for the Colorado Opportunities Fund (COF).

The first two foundation courses of the program, FAC1810 and FA1820 are scheduled at the Tier 1 rate. All remaining DAC core courses, 11 total are at the Tier two rate. In addition there are a number of DAC elective courses, FINE 2822, 3814, 3815, 3825/5825, and 3835 are also scheduled at the DAC Tier 1 rate of $1167 per course. With the exception of a modest processing fee paid to the University, all tuition for DAC classes stay in the DAC. Further, this program currently receives no state government subsidies. The total cost for all DAC classes is approximately $35,730. This is in addition to the current main campus courses.

Lastly, this tuition allows us to deliver instruction in small class size, which has been proven to foster the highest and best learning.

Tuition for courses in the 3D Graphics and Animation Program is structured differently from other courses at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, Downtown Denver Campus. All University Liberal Arts Core Courses and Fine Arts Foundation Core Courses are charged at the prevailing tuition rate for undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado at Denver, Downtown Denver Campus. The tuition for all 3D Graphics and Animation Core specific courses are set at an alternative higher rate which parallels the prevailing rate for training in this technology and software.

Information on tuition and financial aid can be found here.

The tuition rate for all other university courses including the required Liberal Arts and Visual Arts core are at the standard current university rate.